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Usk astronomical society is an organisation dedicated to encouraging and educating its members and the general public in the beauty that is our galactic home.

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Mike Thomas

It is with great sadness I bring the news that our own Mike Thomas has passed away.

Mike suffered a sudden illness during the week commencing the 4th December, however, he succumbed to the effects of the illness this past weekend, Sunday 10th December. I am told he passed away peacefully.

He was a much respected and much loved member of our society and his passion, that people should appreciate the night sky and especially the moon, has been a driving force that has kept the Usk and Heads of the Valleys Astronomical societies running to this day.

He was an expert selenographer with an infectious passion for astronomy and especially astronomy education of people of all ages.

He always took the time to point out to anyone who asked about the night sky and the wonders of the universe and sometimes to those who didn’t ask, but by the end of a conversation with Mike you could not walk away without a smile and maybe a bit more of an appreciation of the stars and the universe above.

We wish to express our sincere sympathies and condolences to the family.