• 01-01-2012

    Our out-reach program

    The Earth and Beyond.

    In the topic ‘Earth and Beyond’, the UK School National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 (9 to 11 years old) requires pupils to be taught that :-

    (a) In the context of the Sun, Earth and Moon :-

    1. The Sun, Earth and Moon are approximately spherical. 2. The relative positions of the Sun, Earth and other planets in the solar system (KS 2 Wales not England).

    (b) In the context of periodic changes :-

    1. How the position of the Sun appears to change during the day, and how shadows change as this happens.
    2. The Earth spins on its own axis, and how day and night are related to this spin.
    3. The Earth orbits the Sun once each year, and that the Moon takes approximately 28 days to orbit the Earth.

  • 01-01-2012

    Our Planetarium

    Our Planetarium is an integral part of our outreach program.

    We provide over 50 educational visists to schools, scout groups, youth clubs and societies.

    We encourage and educate all who want to learn and discover the night sky. If you would like us to come visit please contact us.

  • 05-05-2014

    Our Teaching Resources

    The following are links to resources (Word files) for teachers of these topics but also for students of any age who want a simple introduction to the Earth and planets. The letter and number indicate the main topics listed above which are covered in each file.
    More material will be added soon.

    1. Teacher Notes

    Solar System Basics 1  a(2)
    Solar System Basics 2  a(2)
    The Earth  b(2), b(3)
    The Moon  b(3)
    Phases of the Moon  a(2)  (Warning: file size - 7 Mb
    Light, what is it?  b(1)
    Light and Shadow  b(2)
    Questions Pupils might like to ask.
    Did You Know? 1  (Short questions)
    Did You Know? 2  (Short questions)

    2. Pupils Notes

    The Solar System  a(2)
    Round and Round  a(1)
    Shadows of the Sun  b(1)

    3. Activities

    Scale Model of the Solar System

    Dictionary of Constellations and their Pronounciations.

    Dictionary of Constellations

    Welsh Astronomy

    Welsh Astronomy