Usk Astronomical Society.

Usk astronomical society is an organisation dedicated to encouraging and educating its members and the general public in the beauty that is our galactic home.

Events at Usk!


Upcoming Meetings

Come find us in our new location The Grange
which is conveniently located next door to our old meeting place.


Please be informed there will be a General Meeting of the Usk Astronomical Society on the 3rd December 2020.
This will be as described in the Annual General Meeting held on the 12th November, the purpose of the meeting being to formally move to the new constitution and elect some Trustees for the coming year.
Please do attend as it is imperative we have sufficient members present to carry out the business.
The meeting will therefore be quite brief. If anyone is interested in being a Trustee please let me know in advance of the meeting.



The night sky this month

Observing this Month

Globe at Night, measuring light pollution

Light pollution is the scourge of amateur astronomers and lovers of a beautiful starry sky alike.
Now you can take part in a global survey where no experience or special equipment is required.
Simply click on the link below to find out more details about the survey and how you can get involved and the link below that to get to the online app to help you easily classify your local sky.

Globe at night instructions

Globe at Night Webapp

The app is able to determine your location, you simply click on the picture that most closely resembles your sky condition and that is it – you have made an observation (weather permitting of course!).